West Virginia University’s WELL WVU: The Students’ Center of Health, a department created with students’ input and consultation, needs to know if it still has student support.

In January 2009, WELL WVU was formed to bring together WVU’s Student Health, Carruth Center for Psychological and Psychiatric Services and Wellness and Health Promotion.

WELL WVU aims to promote the complete well being of WVU students through health care, education, promotion and related services. The department has worked to implement a holistic approach to student healthcare, recognizing that all aspects of health are equally important to well-being.

Though still residing in separate spaces, professionals have worked to centralize high quality healthcare for WVU students.

The next step being considered is constructing a comprehensive student health and wellness facility adjacent to the Student Recreation Center, along with new intramural fields. This would create a “wellness park,” providing students with the opportunity to learn to achieve optimal health and organize health services into one structure, including medical care, mental health, health education and wellness.

Nationally, many campuses have high quality, accredited health and wellness services and programs housed in state-of-the-art facilities.

WELL WVU is surveying students to determine support for the continued integration of services, culminating with the building of a new wellness facility. Students are not being surveyed regarding financing of the plan, only whether support exists for the concept of integration and a designated wellness park on campus.

To express support for WELL WVU, students should visit http://simpleforms.scripts.wvu.edu/wellwvu/DoyousupportWELLWVU .The survey is only one click.

To give additional feedback, RSVP to the Facebook group and send a message. The group can be found by searching for “Do you support WELL WVU?”



CONTACT: Colleen Harshbarger, WELL WVU
304-293-5054, Colleen.Harshbarger@mail.wvu.edu