West Virginia University wants to know how students are spending their time, their social and academic habits and their overall University experience.

On Wednesday, Feb. 3, approximately 10,234 freshmen and senior students at WVU will receive an e-mail requesting that they complete the National Survey of Student Engagement. The survey, which is given every three years, analyzes students’ experience at the University.

“We need to assess how students are interfacing with the whole University experience,” said Elizabeth Dooley, associate provost for Undergraduate Academic Affairs. “Once we get the results, we will know if we need to improve in a certain area, or maintain in other areas. We need to make sure we do the proper assessments, but more importantly, we must hear from our students.

“It is a way of engaging the students and letting them know that they are indeed a critical aspect of the University,” Dooley said.

The survey is composed of approximately 100 questions. Students will be asked about how they spend their time, what they have gained from their college experience, their academic habits and skills, etc.

The responses are compared with students’ responses from hundreds of other colleges and universities, and in turn help to indicate important trends in undergraduate education, Dooley said.

All students who participate will be entered into a drawing for five bookstore gift certificates worth $100 each.

Students who are invited to participate will also receive a follow-up e-mail on Thursday, Feb. 11, a reminder on Monday, Feb. 22 and Thursday, March 11 and a final reminder on Monday, March 22.

The survey can be found at http://www.nssesurvey.org .

Students who have questions about the survey or the results can contact Dooley at Elizabeth.Dooley@mail.wvu.edu or 304-293-2661.



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