Tucked away in almost every building on campus, down hallways, out in fields – even under the ground and up in the air, some West Virginia University researcher is at work, searching for ways to answer questions of energy, health, science and a myriad of other disciplines.

Who can keep up with it all?

Admittedly it can be difficult, and that’s why the WVU Research Corp. has launched a brand new web site, highlight the University’s growing efforts to discover, engage and innovate for the benefit of all West Virginians.

The site, http://research.wvu.edu/. was created to more accurately and effectively educate the public about the growing volume, relevancy and success of projects under way at West Virginia’s flagship research institution of higher education.

The new site serves as a vehicle for the University to present the public with the latest research news in an organized and efficient manner, said Curt M. Peterson, vice president for Research and Economic Development and president of the Research Corp.

“WVU has very prolific men and women in a wide variety of research fields from energy and physics to medicine and biometrics,” Peterson said. “The volume of funded research has been steadily on the rise as has the recognition it brings to the University. This web site seeks to tie it all together and offer the outside world an opportunity to learn more about our researchers and their work.”

The site includes:

• Three major rotating feature stories under the categories of research impact, making a difference and health sciences.
• Links to recent research-related news releases, and news coverage appearing in major news outlets.
• A “researcher spotlight” section that, on a rotating basis, examines the work of one particular WVU researcher.
• A summation of WVU funded projects under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.
• A list of WVU-generated technologies available for commercialization.
• Tools for locating specific WVU research, researchers and research centers.
• Links to the more internal-related Research Office site where WVU faculty and staff can access assistance for proposal preparation and training programs to enhance grant-writing success.
• Links to social media sites that feature news about WVU research.

“One of the founders of the National Science Foundation, Vannevar Bush, once wrote that ‘New products, new industries and more jobs require continuous additions to knowledge of the laws of nature and the application of that knowledge to practical purposes,’” Peterson said.

“At WVU, adding to the laws of nature to improve people’s lives is a growing and important function involving some of the brightest people in America. This web site seeks to bring their work to the attention of the world.”



CONTACT: Gerrill Griffith, WVU Research Corp.
304-293-3743, Gerrill.Griffith@mail.wvu.edu