A West Virginia University alumnus and his wife are giving $1 million to the WVU Department of Intercollegiate Athletics to establish scholarships for qualified student-athletes.

The endowments created by Herbert and Rita Sanger of Knoxville, Tenn., will establish several endowed scholarships to support the men’s basketball program at WVU.

“This generous gift from the Sangers is invaluable in maintaining a strong athletic program that all Mountaineers can be proud of, as well as providing a quality education for deserving student-athletes,” said WVU Athletic Director Ed Pastilong.

Originally from Oak Hill, W.Va., Herb Sanger graduated from WVU’s College of Law in 1961. He is currently a partner with the law firm of Wagner, Myers & Sanger in Knoxville. Before that, he spent 25 years with the Tennessee Valley Authority, including 11 years as its general counsel. In the fall semesters of 1977 and 1978, Sanger served as the Arthur B. Hodges Professor of Law at WVU.

“We made this gift to help WVU continue and intensify its significant presence as a university,” said Herb Sanger. “Mr. Huggins is an effective coach and representative of WVU, and this scholarship effort will help him in his role. We know that he recognizes these scholarships will serve the academic and athletic interests of students and WVU, and the scholarships will be available to help many students over many years.”

Providing scholarships for student-athletes is a top priority of the Mountaineer Athletic Club, said Niles Eggleston, assistant athletic director at WVU and executive director of the MAC.

“Herb and Rita Sanger’s gift provides our program, and specifically men’s basketball, the opportunity for student-athletes to attend WVU, have a great athletic experience and receive a quality education,” Eggleston said. “We are extremely grateful for their generous commitment, as are our coaches and student-athletes.”

Herb Sanger added, “My experiences as a student and professor at the WVU College of Law were very satisfactory. Indeed, the college exhibited exemplary capability and fairness. The atmosphere, especially the relationship between students and teachers, was a good introduction to the caliber of practicing lawyer that I wanted to be. We are glad to be able to further the capabilities of WVU, and have enjoyed working with Mr. Eggleston on this and other efforts.”

The gift was made through the WVU Foundation, a private non-profit corporation that generates and provides support for West Virginia University.



CONTACT: Niles Eggleston, Mountaineer Athletic Club