Where can I buy my books? Where is this class? And what the heck is the ”’Lair”? For a typical incoming freshman, the first few weeks on an unfamiliar campus away from home can be quite overwhelming.

West Virginia University’s Student Advising Center is trying to make things a little easier. The center is creating a Student Advising Handbook that will serve as a resource for students – answering all of their “newbie” questions with ease and convenience.

“There is a lot of information out there, students just don’t know where to find it,” said Assistant Director Buffy Vehse.

The handbook will include: a glossary of campus lingo terms, a “How To” section featuring ecampus, labeled pictures of certain places on campus, tips for studying, traditions of WVU and a humorous section on the differences between college and high school.

“The handbook will provide a proactive way of helping students so they can get as much as they can out of the advising experience,” said Developmental Advising Specialist Jennifer Jones. “It will tell them: this is how you figure out where to go, and how to take your first few steps.”

In order to make sure that student voices are represented in the handbook, the Student Advising Center has partnered with the Student Government Association.

SGA is overseeing the format and layout of the handbook; ensuring it is interesting and visually appealing to students. They are also writing the “Campus Lingo” section and giving input on the content included in the handbook.

The Student Advising Handbook will be finished by spring semester 2010. It is free for students and will be handed out to freshman in University 101 classes. The handbook will also be available online at www.wvu.edu/~advising.



CONTACT: Jennifer Jones, Undergraduate Advising Services Center (UASC)
304-293-5805, jennifer.jones@mail.wvu.edu