With the holiday break fast approaching, the West Virginia University Police Department offers this advice:

If you are a student living in the Residence Halls, before you leave for the Holidays:

Keep your room locked and make sure it’s locked before you leave.
When possible, take valuables with you or lock them in your closet.
Turn off, or if possible, unplug any appliances before you leave.
Don’t leave valuables or packages unattended.
If you must leave valuables in your vehicle, store them in the trunk or out of sight.

If you live off campus and will be gone for the Holidays:

Be sure your windows and doors are locked before you leave.
Leave an inside light burning to give the appearance that someone may be home.
Have a neighbor or friend pick up your mail and check on your apartment periodically, or contact the Post Office and have your mail delivery discontinued until you return.

If you are an employee taking an extended vacation during the Holidays:

Take personal items of value home or lock them out of sight.
If possible lock all desks and filing cabinets or storage cabinets.
Turn off, or unplug coffee makers and any other unnecessary appliances.
Turn off lights and make sure all doors and windows are closed and locked before leaving.

If traveling, please drive safely and defensively. Obey speed limits and traffic laws. Upon your return to campus, immediately report any theft or incident that is suspicious in nature by calling the University Police Department at 293-COPS.

Have a safe, secure and happy holiday.