A task force to examine West Virginia University’s existing campus smoking policy has been formed, President James P. Clements announced Wednesday (Dec. 2).

“Members of the Student Government Association, the Faculty Senate and the Staff Council have all expressed an interest in examining WVU’s current smoking policy and discussing recommended changes,” Clements said. “I invited the chairs of each constituency group to appoint three members to a task force to study the issue, and have asked Associate Provost C.B. Wilson to chair it.”

The current policy, established in 1990, bans smoking in University buildings, although exceptions can be made for residence halls.

In addition to nine constituency representatives, Randy Hudak, assistant vice president for Facilities and Services, will assist the group as questions arise about the campus footprint or other building-related issues.

The 11-member task force is encouraged to seek input, advice and guidance from other campus resources as needed. Membership includes:

– Chair, C.B. Wilson, Associate Provost, Academic Personnel

– Students Members: Jon Bond, senior; Abby Sobonya, junior; Dave Slusarick, graduate student.

– Faculty members: Amy Hessl, geology and geography; Art Jacknowitz, pharmacy; Alan Stolzenberg, chemistry

– Staff Members: Lana Cooke, Administration and Finance; Beth Ann McCormick, Student Services; Adam Brown, National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium

– Administration: Randy Hudak, Facilities Management

Wilson said the task force may also tap other advisory resources as needed such as legal counsel and University Police, among others. Committee meetings will get under way this month, he added.

Clements has asked the group for a status report by the end of the academic year.

The current policy can be found at: http://ehs.wvu.edu/r/download/23427 .



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