Young violinists from the Morgantown area who study in the Community Music Program at the WVU College of Creative Arts will present a Suzuki recital at the Creative Arts Center, Sunday, Dec. 6, at 1:30 p.m. in the Bloch Learning and Performance Hall (Room 200A).

The concert is free and the public is cordially invited to attend.

The student performers study with Mary Wilson. They include young aspiring violinists as well as several older students who display a great deal of proficiency and skill. They will perform a variety of classical pieces.

The students include Angelina Chen, Sylvia Diaz, Eliza Baily, Giorgianna Heiko, Celina Liang, Elias Rubenstein, Isabella Yee, Leo Weimer, Sarafina Mowe, Siena Mowe, Isaiah Baily, Emily Braham, Craig Weimer, Timo Wilson, Christopher Sutton, Katherine Henneberger, Kienan Battin, Sasha Wilson, Akshay Chandran, Duncan Crooks, Tristan Quinones, Sara Jones, Vuong Nguyen, Kristi Guritza, Jason Snyder, James He and Patrick Sullivan.

For more information, call the Community Music Program at (304) 293-4841, ext. 3168.


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