Talia Markham, Miss West Virginia, and Kyle Maynard, University of Georgia freshman and professional speaker, will present their joint messages to College of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences athletic coaching education students on Friday, Nov. 20, 11 a.m. in room 251, Coliseum.

Markham competed as Miss Capital City. The University of Charleston graduate’s platform was stopping child abuse and neglect. “Never let one event, one thing in our life define who you are going to be,” said Markham following the pageant.

Maynard was born with short appendages where most people have arms and legs, but nothing seems out of reach for him. The winner of numerous national awards and recognition, Maynard graduated from high school with a wrestling record of 35 victories and 16 losses and a 3.7 GPA. At UGA, he continues wrestling and working as a professional motivational speaker with one of the nation’s largest speaker’s bureaus.

He loves to help other people realize their potential, and is currently writing No Excuses, an autobiographical, motivational book to be published this fall by Regnery Publishing Co. He is a public speaker for the Washington Speaker’s Bureau, based in Washington D.C.

No Excuses chronicles Maynard’s approach to life as a young man born with the genetic defect known as Quadramembral Phocomelia that caused him to have limited growth of his arms and legs. Kyle quickly learned to adapt to his shortcomings, working hard to learn to use regular utensils. With a loving, supportive family, Kyle did the things most boys his age did: played football, street hockey and video games.

The book chronicles his triumphs within sport and his training and diet.

The talk is open to students, faculty and staff along with the general public.

For more information, contact Kim Cameon at 304-293-0827 or kimberly.cameon@mail.wvu.edu


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