MORGANTOWN , W.Va.Mollie Pettit, a duel mathematics and geology major in the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences at West Virginia University, has recently been awarded with the prestigious American Geological Institute (AGI)/American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) fall semester internship in Geoscience Public Policy in Washington, D.C.

Through this internship, Pettit will actively work with Congress and federal agencies to promote sound public policy in areas that affect geoscientists, including water, energy, mineral resources, geologic hazards, environmental protection, and federal funding for geoscience research and education. Interns will gain a first-hand understanding of the legislative process and the operation of executive branch agencies.

Mollie will have a wonderful opportunity to advocate for science education and to learn how geology and other sciences affect public policy. We are very proud of her and know that she will be a wonderful representative of WVU and the geology program as her career unfolds,said Helen Lang, associate chair of geology at WVU .

Although the AGI has been able to award a second internship because of extra funds from the economic stimulus package, Pettit received the first award for her impressive qualifications among the excellent pool of applicants.


This year was extremely competitive, more so than some past years, and we were delighted with a great selection of candidates who made our selection very tough. Many were very qualified, and if we had more opportunities, we would have selected more. We are extremely happy that Mollie is our incoming intern,said Linda Rowan, director of the Government Affairs Program.

Pettit will graduate in August and then be leaving on September 8 to start the internship that will last for thirteen weeks.

My geology professors were very helpful. Theyre always encouraging students to apply for internships and they send out emails regularly to inform geology students about different opportunities. It was one of these emails that got me to apply to the first internship I took part in two summers ago. Since then, I have been trying to gain more knowledge and experience through such internships,Pettit said.

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