MORGANTOWN , W.Va.Four new companies are growing under the wing of the West Virginia University Research Corporation Business Incubator, joining a list of enterprises that hope to bring new jobs and new products to the Mountain State.

Two winners of the 2008 West Virginia Business Plan Competition are among the new companies doing business in the incubator located in the Chestnut Ridge Research Building.

Curt Peterson, WVU vice president for research and economic development and president of the WVU Research Corporation, said the purpose of the incubator is to provide the environment, resources and entrepreneurial spirit necessary to maximize the growth potential for small start-up businesses.

The overall mission is to promote economic development by nurturing early-stage businesses with space, facilities and support services,Peterson said.We are excited about the four new additions to the incubator because of their great potential to create new jobs and new products.

The new companies at work in the WVU Business Incubator include:

Deep Sticks Drilling, Inc.a company that designs, manufactures, sells, leases and services modular drilling rigs that offer new unconventional flexibility in stabilizing structures in cramped and difficult work spaces. Deep Sticks Drillings system can go where conventional drills cant, thus preventing damages and reducing the cost of construction. Deep Sticks Drilling was the 2008 Innovation category winner of the West Virginia Business Plan Competition. To learn more about Deep Sticks Drilling, visit .

Kinetic Star, Inc.a company that originates and coordinates the development, finance and operations of energy development projects that result in the creation of carbon credits and renewable energy. Its immediate focus is on the capture and destruction and/or utilization of methane from coal mining and waste disposal industries. To learn more, visit Kinetic Star at .

Spoke Arta West Virginia company that recycles discarded bicycles and bicycle parts into wearable pieces of art. Current products include earrings made of reused bicycle spokes, chains, and cables. Spoke Art distributes its product through art houses including Mountinmade in Davis, WV and Tamarack in Beckley WV as well as bike shops in and around West Virginia and on the web. Spoke Art was the 2008 Lifestyle category winner of the 2008 West Virginia Business Plan Competition. For more information, visit .

Sustain Uan American clothing company using domestic labor and recycled fiber to create garments targeted to the increasingly ecologically and socially conscious college student and university population. SustainU products are made from domestic recycled materials, thus reducing landfill waste, eliminating use of virgin crude oil for new fiber creation, and curbing chemical pollutants sometimes involved in conventional alternatives. More information about Sustain U is available a .

The four new companies follow in the footsteps of successful endeavors that have graduated from the WVU Business Incubator including:

Advanced Technology Applications (ATA)a company that licenses technology concepts that need additional funding for proof of concept, development, commercialization and production.

Mannette Steel Drumsa company designed to meet the needs of todays steel band performers and educators. Mannette Steel Drums founder, Ellie Mannette, also known asthe father of the modern steel drum instrument,is the mentor to the team of apprentices that make up the staff of Mannette Steel Drums. Fore more information, visit

The Mid-Atlantic Technology, Research and Innovation Center (MATRIC)a world-class non-profit research and development corporation headquartered in Charleston, WV involved in research and innovation in chemistry and chemical products, biotechnology and biosciences, and software systems. For more information, visit

Navway Records, LLC an independent record label dedicated to discovering and developing new artists on a regional level. For more information, visit

Protea Biosciences, Inc.a company that develops, manufactures and markets innovative products that improve the ability to find and characterize proteins in biological samples. For more information visit .

Oculus Development, LLC a company that is commercializing a sensor deployment system for the C-130 aircraft. Oculus works directly with WVU inventors, homeland security and the military to develop sensors and applications for the systems use.

To learn more about the WVU Business Incubator and access an application, please visit