* WHAT :* All media are invited to the dedication ceremonies for two rooms at the

West Virginia University Extension State Fire Training Academy, near Weston

Dedication:TheXTO Energy Inc. Conference Room

Dedication: The West Virginia American Water Company Lobby

Demonstration: Junior Fire Fighter CampersSkills

* WHO :* David E. Miller, Master of Ceremonies

Associate Provost for WVU Extension and Public Service

Director, WVU Cooperative Extension Service

Junior Fire Fighter Camp Teens

More than 80 male and female campers enrolled in the June 27-July 2

camp will demonstrate some of the life-saving skills they are learning to


* WHEN :* 9 a.m., Tuesday, June 30

* WHERE :* WVU Extension State Fire Training Academy

at WVU Jacksons Mill State 4-H Camp, near Weston