Amy Taylor hopes to teach music someday, but for now she teaches incoming freshmen at West Virginia University how to become successful college students.As a New Student Orientation leader, Taylor is gaining valuable work experience that will prove to be an asset to her future career.

This position has allowed me to fine tune my people skills in preparation for my future career as a music educator. At any given time I may be dealing with an outraged mother or a confused student; this experience has helped me think on my feet,said Taylor.

At New Student Orientation, Taylor is helping students and parents answer the same questions she and her family encountered.

Understanding where these students are coming from makes is possible to answer their questions and provide helpful insight,she said.

Whether a student is looking for an on campus job to increase cash flow, improve professional communication skills or launch an exciting future career, WVU offers jobs to suit everyone.

The Office of Student Employment Web site is an excellent place to begin your job search,said Susan Lantz, assistant director of the Office of Student Employment. The site ( ) offers a complete list of on campus and off campus positions ranging from an aquatic technician to a WVU Arts and Entertainment usher.

The Office of Student Employment also offers helpful e-mail updates that inform students of new job openings.

Planning is key. Students must look for jobs that will fulfill long term goals, provide fodder for their resume and further their future career,Lantz said.

WVU offers three types of student employment: federally-funded work-study, graduate assistantships and on campus positions.

Federal Work-Study

My work-study position has taught me a lot about time management and interpersonal communication,said Mobeen Ghani, a student employee at Wise Library.This experience has allowed me to pay for college while improving my ability to problem solve and assist students with their needs and concerns.

The Federal Work-Study program provides need-based funding to students in exchange for a minimum number of work hours per week.

Graduate Assistantships

A graduate assistant position is also an excellent option for students on a budget.

Although extremely competitive, these positions allow students to earn a masters degree while saving a little cash along the way. Graduate assistantships are accompanied by a tuition waiver and a living stipend of approximately $10,000 distributed per school year.

Assistants are typically required to complete 20 hours of work per week as part of their department or office requirements. Graduate assistantship candidates may also be required to maintain a specific GPA .

Graduate assistantships give students the opportunity to work in an environment related to their future career paths.

Steve Butera, a graduate assistant for the P.I. Reed School of Journalism, will be teaching his own video editing class in the fall.

I love my job,Butera said.This position has provided so many opportunities, both personal and professional. I have become an expert in time management and a skilled communicator.

On Campus Jobs

On campus positions are a good option for students seeking flexible scheduling and/or seasonal employment.

I was looking for a job to fit my class schedule,said Josh Goforth, student employee at the downtown WVU Bookstore.I would definitely recommend this job to other students. The staff is very understanding and willing to work around class and exam schedules. This is also a perfect position for someone interested in seasonal work during the summer, fall and spring buy back periods.

Students are encouraged to subscribe to the Student Employment Listserv or to schedule an appointment at the Office of Student Employmentlocated in the student organizations wing of the Mountainair, above the bookstorefor more information.