West Virginia Universitys College of Business&Economics recently hired the states first and only demographer.

Dr. Christiadi will serve as a liaison with the U.S. Census Bureau on population estimates and projections.He will represent West Virginia in the Federal State Cooperative Program for Population Estimates and a similar program for population projections.

Employed by WVU s College of Business and Economics in its Bureau of Business&Economic Research (BBER), Christiadi will analyze and disseminate his research based on U.S. Census Bureaus data.

Christiadi will help analyze the impacts of changing demographics on the states business and political units,said BBER Director Dr. Tom S. Witt .His work is especially important because of the upcoming 2010 U.S. Census.

Christiadi will provide vital population statistics and projections, allowing both the public and private sectors to better prepare for the future.He will update projections annually to incorporate more recent developments.

For example, Witt said, he will work with other BBER researchers in projecting student populations to plan new school buildings, or he might examine the consequences of changing demographics on a regions legislative representation.

The Bureau of Business&Economic Research provides reports and analysis of economic data and makes forecasts for the states future.

Christiadi earned his Ph.D. in economics at WVU in 2005 and previously served as an economist for BBER . He specialized in urban-regional and labor demographic economics with a primary focus on migration. After leaving WVU he became a regional economic analyst at the Business Forecasting Center, University of the Pacific, and also served as a visiting assistant professor.

Christiadi also conducts research and analysis on many economic impact and labor market studies. He provided an analysis of minority populations and age distribution in West Virginia after a recent U.S. Census Bureau report.