MORGANTOWN , W.Va.�€West Virginia University students interested in health and fitness now have an opportunity that most students across the country do not have.

WVU s College of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences is currently the only college in the U.S. to offer a group fitness instructor minor . The college is also one of only three universities to offer a personal trainer minor.

Students, who choose these minors will get hands-on fieldwork experience and must also take a national certification exam. Classes and certifications for these minors are sponsored by the American Council on Exercise (ACE).

We are very proud to have the American Council on Exercise as our partner to help us offer these great programs,said Nancy Naternicola, fitness and wellness director for the College of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences.

The ACE , which sets certification and continuing education standards for fitness professionals, is committed to protecting all segments of society against ineffective fitness products, programs and trends through ongoing public education, outreach and research.

Naternicola is one of 25 ACE master trainers in the country. When hired by WVU , she decided to partner the two organizations and create a unique opportunity for students.

Personal training is one of the fastest growing professions in the health and fitness industry, and group fitness instructors are also in high demand,Naternicola said.Both minors compliment many majors, and graduating with several national certifications is important when landing a job in the fitness and health industry.

The ACE recently recognized WVU s College of Physical Activity and Sports Sciences as a partner in specially-designed curriculum to create highly trained, credentialed fitness professionals, who make positive contributions to the health and fitness of the nation.

WVU s College of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences is also the only school in the country to offer minors in aquatic management and adventure sports.

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