Bonnies Bus will be among the star attractions for more than 700 youths and adults coming to the Capitol Complex Wednesday, March 25, to see the Legislature in action and to learn more about West Virginia Universitys service to the state.

The new pink and white bus is WVU Hospitalsmobile digital mammography unit, and it is making its first appearance at WVU s annual celebration in Charleston.

During each regular legislative session, WVU Extension volunteers and supporters from throughout the state drive to the Capitol to be part ofOur Day at the Legislature: WVU Extension Hosts WVU s Service to the State.

Besides calling the event educational, legislators and participants say the day is always filled with enthusiasm and excitement.

The focus on service to the states citizens begins at 9:30 a.m. in the Cultural Center, where the delegations will be welcomed by Dave Miller, associate provost and director of the WVU Extension Service.

Sharing their respective views about serving West Virginia will be C. Peter Magrath, interim WVU president; Carolyn Long, chairwoman of the WVU Board of Governors and 4-H alumna; and Jason C. Pizatella, a 2007 graduate of the WVU College of Law. Dr. Scot Remick, director of the WVU Mary Babb Randolph Cancer Center, will also participate in activities taking place in Charleston.

When the delegations leave the Cultural Center, they are scheduled to begin visiting their elected officials. Some 4-H members will serve as legislative pages in the House and the Senate.

When they enter the Capitol rotunda, they will experience their second welcome. More than 30 interactive exhibits will showcase science, history, health, art, business, journalism and technology. Kids of all ages are invited to learn about mining at the chocolate chip cookiecoal miningexhibiteither before or after they try their hands at paper marbling.

Both youths and adults will be encouraged to browse exhibits to discover a wide range of academic programs, from art to volunteerism. They also will see how higher education serves local communities through after-school initiatives, disability resources, rural health outreach, agribusiness research and other projects.

Continuing education, summer learning, nutrition and 4-H science and technology will be among the themes unveiled at WVU Extension Service exhibits such as Junior Firefighter Camp, 4-H Operation Military Kids, WVU Jacksons Mill State 4-H Camp, Master Gardener Clubs and Community Educational Outreach Service Clubs.

Bonnies Bus will be on the must-see itinerary of most Community Educational Outreach Service Club members, who have worked with WVU Hospitals in conducting breast cancer awareness programs in their counties since the 1980s.

Besides its digital mammography unit, the 40-foot-long camper-style office is equipped with a patient education area, small kitchenette, restroom and waiting area. The high-tech bus is scheduled to begin its community visits in April.

After the exhibits begin closing at 1:15 p.m., county delegations will continue visiting their local legislators and taking free tours of the governors mansion, House chambers, Senate chambers and Governors Reception Room.

The days schedulealong with specifics about activities, parking and other arrangementsis available at .