A new self-defense class offered by West Virginia Universitys Student Recreation Center gives new meaning to the termfight like a girl.

The three-hour class teaches women how to defend themselves if attacked. Participants learn practical techniques that are simple and easy to remember in times of stress.

Given that a woman is attacked every two minutes in the United States, these are good skills to know,said Colleen Harshbarger, interim director of student wellness services at WVU .We are encouraging parents to encourage their daughters to get this training. Their lives and safety could depend on it.

The class is offered on Saturday, Jan. 31, from noon-3 p.m. and 4-7 p.m. at a cost of $40. Female participants must be at least 13. Those interested should preregister online at www.fightlikeagirlwv.com by Tuesday, Jan. 27.

In the first two levels of the class, participants will learn solutions to the most common sexual assault scenarios, solutions to date- or acquaintance-rape scenarios, and easy and effective ways to gain control.

In the third level, participants create a plan to deal with an armed rapist and learn how to effectively use pepper spray.

Participants will also hear about date-rape drugs and how to be smart about different situations.

All instructors have been certified by the courses creators. For more information, go to www.defendu.com .

Future classes will be scheduled based on student interest and availability.

For more information, visit www.fightlikeagirlwv.com or contact Harshbarger at 304-293-5054 or colleen.harshbarger@mail.wvu.edu .