Freddy Nager left the traditional advertising scene (formerly of Saatchi and Saatchi) and launched a strategic new media marketing firm, Atomic Tango, becoming one of the bold voicesand criticsof the new media underground. With a background in interactive media and viral marketingand an allegiance to a thing called strategyNager calls it like he sees it on his media blog,Cool Rules Pronto.

Fortunately for West Virginia University, Nager, who is not an alumnus or supporter, made a good call.

It seems the self-describedfootballoholicwas intrigued by WVU sWhat Will You StartTV commercial while viewing the WVU -University of North Carolina Meineke Car Care Bowl on his laptop. The spot ends by directing viewers to a Web site: .

I came across your site and thought is was extremely smart and well done,he wrote in an e-mail.Keep up the great work, and go Mountaineers!

He even wrote a blog post about it: .

I have to give the WVU marketing team a high five for understanding the difference between features and benefits,he writes.Instead of talking about the size of the schools libraries or faculty-to-student ratios, the site showcases what WVU students have accomplished. Most importantly, it talks directly to the prospective student and invites them to discuss their dreams.

Those who go to the WVU site will see this message:Whether you start a record label, work with NASA or improve the health of rural communities, West Virginia University will make it happen. Bring your hopes and dreamswell help you start the journey.

Visitors are then invited to self-submit stories or click on links to brief vignettes from current students.

Thats pretty darn Gen Y savvy,Nager notes, especially because it speaks tocontemporary needs, anxieties and hopes.

Dana Coester WVU s assistant vice president for creative direction who oversees the recruitment marketing campaign, which features the Web site and video along with special song lyrics and print and billboard componentssaid this is a high compliment.

This guy is a hotshot,Coester said.Atomic Tango is one of those up-and-coming ad agencies that represent a new generation of marketing.

His unsolicited assessment of the Universitys efforts is proof of why viral marketing of our academic programs is so important,she said.This was a commercial we ran during an earned athletic platform that reached an important recruitment market, potential students, but also reached out to their parents as well as our alumni, friends and donorseven bloggerscreating awareness of what our University offers.

WVU Vice President for University Relations Chris Martin added,This was a guy who was intrigued by a video that drove him to a Web site he encountered while watching football (often our national window to promote academics). Now hes marketing the University on his blogfor freein a time when the economy and the job market are experiencing a downturn.

So heres to you, Freddy. We couldnt have said it better ourselves.