Students arent the only ones who are stressed throughout the academic year. Professors, graduate students and parents all have pressures they have to deal with every day.

Many people are aware of the Carruth Center for Counseling and Psychological Services , which provides mental health services for students, but West Virginia University also has a center available for faculty, staff, community members, graduate students and others affiliated with the University.

The Quin Curtis Center a psychological service, training and research centeris a psychological services, training and research center that offers innovative, time-efficient treatments for clients with a variety of problems. Therapists provide general mental health services as well as treatment in specialty areas such as anxiety, depression, pain and health issues, older adult issues, marital distress and childhood behavioral problems. All sessions are conducted under the supervision of licensed psychologists. The clinic is directed by William Fremouw, and treatment is provided by six faculty mentors and 18 doctoral students.

Our patients are our main concern,said Ryan Anderson, a graduate doctoral student in the the Clinical Child Psychology Program .As students, we benefit from this experience, but we have a motto heretreat clients as individuals and diagnose them as individuals because they are the ones who really matter.

Privacy is of paramount importance at the Quin Curtis Center. All visits and records are confidential. Fees are up to $40 per session based on family income.

The center was founded in 1988 as an in-house training clinic that provides quality services to community members. It is named after Quin Curtis (1908-85), who was an experimental psychologist and the first chairman of the Psychology Department . In the 20 years it has been operating, the center has served more than 1,600 people from various areas in West Virginia and the surrounding states.

This work is to benefit the community and our training as clinicians,said Paula Prentice, doctoral student in the Clinical Psychology Program .There is some research being conducted here with the consent of the participating individuals. Whatever our clients decide in relation to research, the main concern is providing the community with high-quality, confidential, affordable mental health services.

For more information or to make an appointment, call 304-293-2001 ext. 4.

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