A professor at the Rhode Island School of Design will speak at 5 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 22, at West Virginia University .

Tom Ockerse, who was head of the schools Graphic Design Department for many years, will present his guest artist lecture in the Bloch Learning and Performance Hall of the Creative Arts Center .

The talk is free and open to the public.

While at WVU , the Dutch-born Ockerse will work with WVU design students to create text experiments.

If done with proper care and attention, design becomes an instrument for awakening,he said.Its very means can bring into question our habitual human tendenciesa quickness to judge, the guarding of viewpoint, attachment to convenience, habit and convention. It can challenge us to keep an open mind and not limit perception.

Ockerses lecture is part of a series at the College of Creative Arts this semester by world-renowned designers.

For more information, call the WVU College of Creative Arts at 304-293-4841 ext. 3108 or e-mail ” Charlene.Lattea@mail.wvu.edu rel=nofollow> Charlene.Lattea@mail.wvu.edu .