West Virginia University has released the Outline for Interim Report presented to WVU President Mike Garrison May 16 by consultants R&V Associates of Pittsburgh. In addition to the release of the report, Fred Butcher, interim vice president for WVU Health Sciences, announced that the engagement with the consultants has ended, effective today.

Garrison had directed the consultants to revise and verify the accuracy of some of the information in the Interim Report. WVU considered the report unfinished, with many errors of fact and understanding. In a nine-page letter today, Butcher provided the consultants with comments regarding many of the specific issues raised in the report.

We engaged consultants to assist us with our review of the structure and governance of the various entities of WVU Health Sciences,Butcher said.Our goal in seeking an external review was not to seek affirmation of one persons or one entitys perspective, but to achieve clarity for all of us through a truly independent, objective and well-informed evaluation of our structure.

We are fully and sincerely committed to doing whats best for our patients and our students. We will continue our internal review with all of our leadership and faculty, and will dedicate our efforts to meet our challenges. I expect that will involve external review by a national firm that has experience with academic medical centers,added Butcher.

The Outline for Interim Reportmay be accessed onlineathttp://www.health.wvu.edu/rvrr/rvreport.pdf.

Butchers point-by-point responseis available athttp://www.health.wvu.edu/rvrr/rv2.pdf.