West Virginia University Police and the College of Business and Economics will conduct an emergency planning exercise Tuesday, June 17. This exercise is one of many to be conducted on the Morgantown campus this summer as part of ongoing, comprehensive emergency planning at WVU .

The WVU Alert System (text messaging) will also be tested as part of the exercise to provide University officials an opportunity to learn if any improvements are needed and exactly what effect network traffic has on the system, said Rick Jackson, WVU Police assistant director.

A text message will be sent to the cell phones and the e-mail addresses of all those who are signed up for the system (for information, visithttp://emergency.wvu.edu). The message will be clearly worded to let people know that it is a test only, and there is no cause for concern, WVU Police said.

This exercise and WVU Alert System testing are keys to our ability to refine our emergency plans, WVU Police Chief Bob Roberts said.As part of our comprehensive emergency response plan at WVU , this exercise will allow us to test a specific buildings emergency plan.

During the drill, the University Police Emergency Planning Unit will be working closely with administrators and staff of the College of Business and Economics to evaluate the emergency command structure at the building, which houses the College and is known to most people as the B&E building. The building is located off University Avenue on WVU s Downtown Campus.

The exercise will be limited to administrators and staff of the College, and will not involve students, Roberts said.

It will only involve staff and wont disrupt classes at all,said Roberts, who noted it will be a tabletop exercise that will address a hypothetical emergency situation, planning and preparation at the building.

This exercise will help the College of Business and Economics and WVU by enabling us to test emergency preparedness processes that we have developed with the assistance of WVU Police,said Jess Mancini, associate dean of administrative services at the College of Business and Economics.It will assist us in pinpointing areas of improvement in our plan.

Roberts worked with WVU s colleges, schools and departments, as well as a private consulting firm, to design a comprehensive emergency response plan for the University. To implement the plan, he also created an Emergency Planning Unit, led by Capt. Danny Camden, within WVU Police.

As part of the emergency plan, WVU Police created a program with information, training and templates to help administrators and staff at each campus building to create a building-specific plan tailored to their individual needs. Information on this planning can be found athttp://police.wvu.edu/emergencyplanning.cfm.

The College of Business and Economics was the first to complete its building emergency response plan and was designated as the first building-specific test site for plan implementation, Jackson said.

The WVU exercise will indirectly coincide with a June 17-18 statewide exercise led by the West Virginia Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety. The statewide exercise is designed to test each countys emergency operations system. Ryan Thorne, director of Monongalia County Office of Emergency Management, MECCA 9 -1-1, will manage the countys exercise, which will be conducted separately from the campus exercise. WVU Police expect no county or state emergency vehicles or outside agencies to be on campus during any of the exercises.