West Virginia UniversitysCommunity Arts Programhas extended its registration for summer classes and private music lessons at the Creative Arts Center.

The program offers private lessons for children and adults in piano, organ, Suzuki violin, strings, woodwinds, brass, percussion, voice, jazz singing, harp and guitar.

The summer session is flexible to accommodate various summer schedules. Students may register for any number of lessons throughout the session, depending on teacher availability.

Summer classes still available include:

  • Smart Kids (ages 3-5) offers stories, music and art in an interactive class for children. Each week, childrens literature and music will guide the exploration of a special theme, such asMagical Kingdom,Down on the Farm,Jungle RhythmorSleepyhead Tales.A thematic craft activity using a variety of materials and media will conclude each class.

  • A Star is Born (various ages) is a fun class that features training and performance techniques for those who love to sing. Classes will include training for healthy, lifelong singing and performance opportunities for solos, duets and ensembles. Special emphasis will be given to breathing and diction for singing. Age-appropriate literature will include musical theater selections, folk songs of various nations, art songs and just plain fun songs.
  • Mask Making/Puppetry for Kids (ages 5-8) will explore the art of mask making and puppetry through the ages. Students will create masks that will help them develop self-expression and self-confidence while they learn about art, storytelling and drama.
  • Especially for You Greeting Card Class (ages 5-8) will be taught by a former Hallmark card lettering artist. Students will have fun designing and producing their own original set of all-occasion greeting cards while learning how to incorporate elements of design, lettering and penmanship. Emphasis will be placed on occasions such as birthdays, get well, anniversaries and special holidays.
  • Making Our Own Picture Books (ages 8-10) will explore the craft of writers and illustrators through close study of notable picture books. Using a variety of media, the students will combine text and illustrations to create unique works of art. At the end of the class, there will be an informal display of the studentsworks to share with family and friends.
  • Calligraphy for Adults will teach students how to transform their own handwriting into beautiful calligraphic design. With individual instruction by a professional calligrapher, the class will focus on Italic style, as it is the most legible and simplistic form.

  • Clay for Kids (ages 8-11)and Clay for Teens (ages 12-15) will focus on traditional hand-building techniques for working with clay. The older students will make several quick hand-built projects before moving to the potters wheel. No experience is necessary for these classesjust a willingness to get dirty and have fun.

  • Introduction to Printmaking (various ages) is a class in which students will learn two techniques of printmaking, relief and silkscreen. Two of the prints will concentrate on relief, using holograph plates and linoleum blocks. The other print will be a silkscreen.
  • Wheel Thrown Clay for Beginners (ages 16-adult) will focus on the introduction of techniques needed to center and open up clay on the potters wheel. Students will make open vessels, such as mugs, bowls and planters.
  • Intermediate Wheel Thrown Clay (ages 16-adult) will build upon the skills introduced in Wheel Thrown Clay for Beginners. Anyone able to center clay on the wheel is invited to take this class, which will explore some variations on the mug and bowl design, as well as introduce more intricate forms, such as lidded vessels, teapots and casseroles.
  • A Summer Sampler: Intro to Music for Pre-school Children is a fun-filled class where children explore the first steps in music education together with their parents or caregivers. They will learn games and activities that include movement, singing and exploration of sounds.
  • Musicland Express (ages 4-6) will help children discover and play with music. Children will respond to what they hear through movement, playing musical instruments and singing. The enjoyment of musical activities and games involves the child and sometimes the parents or caregivers.
  • Introduction to Recording Technology (ages 15 and up) will teach the basic technology of recording and producing audio for broadcast and/or media release. Students will also learn the basics of acoustic sound and recording methods, listen to and analyze a variety of styles and do some hands-on production work.
  • Basic Sound Design for Video (ages 15 and up) will cover basic synchronization and insertion of sound effects and dialogue to video selected by the students from an available library. Sampling sessions andsound safariswill be conducted in and around the Creative Arts Center, depending on project needs. Recording equipment will vary based on application, but the majority of recordings will be done using Digidesign Pro Tools HD and Bias Peak Pro software. (Students must have taken the Intro to Recording Technology course or have prior Digital Audio Workstation experience.)
  • Introduction to Digital Photography (ages 13-adult) will teach participants how to get the most out of their digital cameras. The course will emphasize basic photographic skills including equipment, lenses, focusing, ISO , depth of field, shooting modes, using artificial light, composition and basic editing on computer. The course will also feature a field trip (to be determined with input from the students).
  • Introduction to Photoshop (adult) will acquaint students with the user interface, tools, layers, filters and basic photo restoration.
  • Intermediate Photoshop (adults) will build on the introduction course in providing more tools and ways to edit digital imagery. This class will include the use of quick keys, workflow improvement and the automation of tasks within Adobe Photoshop.
  • Intro to Adobe Illustrator for Adults will acquaint students with the user interface, tools, layers, filters and basic illustration.
  • Intro to Adobe After Effects for Adults will acquaint students with the user interface, tools, layers, filters and basic animation rendering.
  • Intro to Flash Animation for Adults will acquaint students with the Flash softwares user interface, tools, project organization, layers, tricks, tips, basic animation rendering and Web exporting.
  • Intro to Final Cut Pro for Adults will acquaint students with the user interface, tools, layers, filters and basic video rendering. It will also provide them with skills needed to import and export video at varying quality.
  • Music Around the World (ages 15-adult) will explore the cultures and traditions of music from different parts of the world. The class will introduce students to world music via discussions, listening and multimedia. Possible topics include West African, American Indian, Appalachian folk and Eastern European music, as well as music of the Indian subcontinent.
  • Meet the Masters (ages 5-11) is a general introduction to classical music. Each session will focus on a specific area of Europe, and children will learn about composers and their musical influences from the place and period. Games, hands-on projects and listening skills will make up each session. The final weeks will focus on American music and composers.
  • Croon a Tune (high school-adult) will explore the techniques involved in song stylizing. Songs from musical theater and popular music of the 1930s-60s will be the focus. Each student will prepare three songs for a performance at the end of the class sessions. The class will also explore voice production, presentation, stage movement and developing a suitable repertoire for various occasions.
  • Demystify the Dragon: Chinese Language and Music (all age groups) is a short-term course on Chinese language and music that focuses on Mandarin Chinese pronunciation; basic conversations; and reading, writing and typing Chinese characters. Students will learn to perform various tasks in Chinese, including meeting people, talking about the weather and ones hobbies and shopping. Chinese music will be incorporated into the class through various hands-on activities, such as Chinese folk songs and dances, calligraphy and visual arts.
  • From Bach to Bartok: Introduction to Standard Piano Literature (ages 12-adult) will introduce standard piano repertoire of significant composers from different periods, including Baroque, classical, romantic and modern. Students will learn easy piano pieces, listen to recordings, learn about composers, watch videos of live recitals and perform in a final informal recital (optional).
  • Steel Band Ensemble (ages 9-adult) is a unique ensemble that will focus on the musical styles of the Caribbean and learning how to play the steel drums. Students will receive instruction in general music, reading, theory, rhythm and improvisation. A background in percussion is not required, but students should have some prior music reading skills.
  • Adult Vocal Ensemble (ages 18 and up) is a group class where students will share the fun of singing pop and show tunes that have become standards through the years, such asAs Time Goes By,Youll Never Walk Alone,Somewhere Over the RainbowandSomewherefromWest Side Story.
  • Introductory Harp Class (all ages) will emphasize hand position and simple tunes. A practice harp is available for an additional fee that will allow students to practice one hour per day, seven days a week on the Community Arts Programs Lyon&Healey Troubador Harp. No musical background is necessary.
  • Teen Yoga will help teens increase strength and flexibility, harmonize emotions, enhance concentration and cultivate a healthy self-image. Each class will center on a theme, such asBe True to You,RockinWarriorsorEnergize and Solarize.Using a gentle, moderately paced approach, each unique class will explore sun salutations, warrior poses, twists and backbends. All levels are welcome.
  • Yoga 4 Creativity (all ages) is great for strengthening the body, stimulating the mind and adding fuel to your creative pursuits, whether in the visual, performing or everyday arts. This moderately paced, flow-style class will explore yoga techniques, such as posture sequencing, breath awareness and meditation, to encourage the awakening of creative energy.

    For more information, call the Community Arts Program in theCollege of Creative Arts, 304-293-4841 ext. 3168, or visithttp://www.ccarts.wvu.edu/community_arts. Office hours are 10 a.m.-noon and 1-4:30 p.m. in Room 401A of the Creative Arts Center on WVU s Evansdale Campus.