The West Virginia University Institute of Technology has announced a new freshman scholarship and grant program that could provide applicants up to $10,000 toward a college degree.

All qualified high school students will be eligible for these scholarships, according to Scott Hurst, associate campus provost at the Montgomery institution. The amount will vary from $1,000 to $10,000 for a four-year degree in addition to other financial aid, such as Pell, Promise, Flint, SMART or AmeriCorps educational awards.

Combining all available student financial assistance, WVU Tech has positioned itself as one of the most affordable universities in the state, Hurst said.

He noted that the basic grant of $1,000 is the first-generation, freshman grant. This grant will be for students with at least a high school GPA of 2.75 and ACT score of 18 if they have parents or guardians who have not graduated from college.

The award size could be up to $10,000 for those with higher GPAs and ACT scores whether or not their parents or guardians have graduated from college.

In all cases, students will have to maintain reasonable levels of academic progress to renew the scholarship for the full allocated amount while obtaining the baccalaureate degree.

WVU Tech, a division of WVU , offers more than 50 career-focused, four-year programs in the engineering, sciences, business, social sciences, public administration, humanities and health fields. The institution is fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, Engineering/Technology Accreditation Commissions of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, Commission of Collegiate Nursing Education and other premier accrediting agencies.

Several new programs have been added, including psychology, criminal justice and computer engineering. Unique new specializations in law, legal services, nonprofit administration and fraud management are also now available. Most programs include capstone practicum internships, and a global immersion experience will be implemented soon.

Recently, WVU Tech has embarked on a massive modernization initiative. One residence hall has been totally refurbished, and a newly renovated campus dining area is now operational. Significant funds are being channeled into engineering facilities and new technological equipment. The result, Hurst said, is that WVU Tech is poised to be a first-class institution that continues its dedication to provide tomorrows leaders for West Virginias new economy.

The time is now for everyone to consider WVU Tech, said Lou Levy, WVU Techs enrollment manager. He explained that students who apply for admission to WVU Tech and submit a Free Application for Federal Student Assistance are automatically assessed whether they are eligible for this new scholarship and grant program, as well as other financial aid. Students should apply to WVU Tech as soon as possible so that all awards and grants for financial assistance can be determined, he added.

Interested students may call WVU Tech toll-free at 1-888-554-TECH or apply online at