The National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium (NAFTC) headquartered at West Virginia University invites media to an event demonstrating a next-generation hydrogen fuel cell vehicle. Ford Motor Company will be bringing its Focus FCV (fuel cell vehicle) as part of a training program targeted to automotive trainers of the NAFTC . This is the first time this type of vehicle will be seen in West Virginia.

Who: WVU President Mike Garrison along with NAFTC Executive Director, Al Ebron will showcase the vehicle to students and the media. (A Ford representative will also be in attendance.) In addition, Curt Peterson, interim vice president for WVU Research and Economic Development, will comment on the fuel cell research being conducted at the University.

When: 1:30 to 2 p.m.: Thursday, Oct. 25

Where: Cul de Sac outside the National Research Center for Coal and Energy Building Evansdale Campus, Morgantown, WV

  • Route 19 to Evansdale Drive
  • At 4-way stop, turn left, opposite the parking lot entrance
  • Follow bend left toward cul de sac

What: Ford Focus Fuel Cell Vehicle

The vehicle operates using hydrogen through a fuel cell to produce electricity to run a motor that propels the vehicle. The Focus uses fuel cell technology and compressed hydrogen stored on board in a 5000 psi cylinder.

Why: The NAFTC is the nations leader in alternative fuel vehicle training. The consortium, headquartered at WVU , includes 29 higher education institutions from across the country. WVU s NAFTC headquarters provides high end training to automotive trainers to promote the widespread adoption of a variety of alternative fuel vehicles. Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles represent one of the longer term options of interest to vehicle trainers and those across the nation who hope for cleaner forms of transportation. WVU engages in transportation research as well as fuel cell research to make cleaner forms of energy for both transportation and electricity generation viable options. The NAFTC is a program of the National Research Center for Coal and Energy at West Virginia University.