An organization as large and fluid as West Virginia University requires a variety of employment opportunities and schedules to keep it running smoothly. Not all of those call for full-time assignments, however.

Some positions become available during the search process when an employee leaves a unit.; others come open when an employee is out on medical or maternity leave,said Kathy Trickett, who runs the Mountaineer Temps Program in the Division of Human ResourcesEmployment Services unit.Our program is designed to fill temporary, short-term needs in the University system.

In some cases, departments may have seasonal staffing needs, but not the budget or need to fund full-time positions, she added. Once again, the temps program can assist.

Basically, the Mountaineer Temps Program was established to meet the diverse demands of a comprehensive land-grant University,Trickett said.The program works well for people who have good skills, but dont want to be tied down to permanent, full-time work; those who are in between jobs; retirees who arent ready to totally pull away from the work force yet; and people who want to supplement their income.

Temporary assignments are generally available in professional and technical areas such as writers, photographers and Web developers. Another need is finance and accounting support. Opportunities also exist for research assistants, positions in secretarial/clerical fields, campus and food service workers, and craft and maintenance.

Francine Wolfe, a WVU alumna, is currently working as a temp for the National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium.

I enjoy using my talents as a writer-editor at one of WVU s premier research centers,she said.The work is interesting, and the temporary schedule allows me to be flexible in both my home and professional life. And as a graduate of WVU , it keeps me close to my alma mater.

Tom Crozier, a WVU journalism graduate, utilizes his skills as a photographer to earn a living while he prepares for graduate school.

Ann Frey heard about the Mountaineer Temps Program through a friend. She is currently working for Administrative Technology Solutions and finds the experience as an administrative assistant to be critical in her pursuit of a permanent position.

I like having the opportunity to learn the software used at ATS ,she said.I also value the chance to network with other professionals at the University which is crucial when pursuing full-time employment.

The temps program not only recruits those who are relatively new to the work force, but those who have retired as well.

Retirees possess a wealth of knowledge, experience and skills that can be put to use,Trickett said.The Mountaineer Temps Program recognizes this valuable resource and encourages retirees to consider temporary employment with us.

Bob Justus, a WVU press operator, said the situation is a win-win for him and for Printing Services.

I only work three days a week, and as a returning retiree, I dont need to be trained on the operation of some of the older equipment,he said.

Mary Atkinson knows the ins and outs of the Parking Office after 29 years. She likes working in the temps program because of the extra income and flexible schedule.

Retiree Donna Pancoast, assistant to the associate provost for academic programs, is another proponent of the temps program.

I enjoy working with former colleagues as well as building new relationshipsplus the fact that I dont have a long-term commitment to work,she said.I also feel like Im making a real contribution to the University.

According to the program guidelines, positions are temporary (up to 8.5 months) or casual (up to 225 hours). Temps can work for 8.5 months out of a 12-month period and are permitted to work in another temporary position as long as a 3.5-month break has taken place between assignments. However, a department can only request the same individual twicewith the required break in between. Casual workers are eligible to work in only one assignment at any given time.

In addition to these guidelines, there are a few caveats for retirees:

  • State Teachersretirees may work in a temporary assignment for 140 days maximum per fiscal year (July1-June 30).
  • There is no maximum on earnings for TIAA /CREF retirees.
  • Severance employees may earn $5,000 maximum per fiscal year.

WVU has a need for talented, skilled employees to work in an array of positions, Trickett noted. From a new graduate launching a career to someone completing several years of service, the Mountaineer Temps Program is worth considering.

To apply, download the application available online at and submit with a resume to: WVU Mountaineer Temps, One Waterfront Place, P.O. Box 6640, Morgantown, WV 26506 -6640; call 304-293-5700 option 1; or e-mail .