What do you want to be when you grow up?Its a question that every college student must answer as they determine the focus of their studies and decide on a major degree program. But, for some students matching their interests with an academic program can seem overwhelming.

At West Virginia University students interested in learning about the numerous degree programs offered by the University need only take advantage of Major Mania Week, taking place from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Oct. 22-26 in the Mountainlair Commons area.

Sponsored by the WVU Undergraduate Academic Services Center (UASC) the event provides an opportunity for students to obtain information about undergraduate degrees and minors from many of the Universitys schools and colleges. They can speak with faculty members, learn about course requirements and schedule follow up appointments.

Major Mania Week provides a convenient venue for students to essentially shop many of the academic programs available at the University,said Maria Watson-Gaddis, UASC senior program coordinator.Students that need to decide their major, or those that want to change majors can get information about hundreds of programs without having to run all over campus. They can talk with other students and faculty involved in the programs to help them decide if a program is right for them.

Its been reported that a large portion of college-bound students are unsure about their direction of study or future career path and remain undecided in their major as a result. The UASC recommends that students first identify their personal interests and learn about academic programs that align with those interests. Major Mania Week was developed by the UASC to provide students with just such an opportunity.

Each day of the event will provide a new lineup of 11 different colleges and schools. The schedule for each day is as follows:

  • Monday, Oct. 22 Undergraduate Academic Services Center, Occupational Therapy, Exercise Physiology, School of Pharmacy, College of Law, McNair Scholars Program, Communication Studies, Carruth Center for Counseling and Psychological Services, Psychology, Forensic and Investigative Science and the Center for Black Culture and Research.
  • Tuesday, Oct. 23 College of Creative Arts, Journalism, English, History, Social Work, Undergraduate Academic Services Center, Carruth Center for Counseling and Psychological Services, International Studies, Political Science, Chemistry and the Department of Community Health.
  • Wednesday, Oct. 24 Geology/Geography, Carruth Center for Counseling and Psychological Services, College of Engineering and Mineral Resources, Davis College of Agriculture, Forestry and Consumer Sciences, School of Physical Education, Undergraduate Academic Services Center, Air Force ROTC /Aerospace Studies, Biology, College of Human Resources and Education, Center for Civic Engagement and Native American Studies.
  • Thursday, Oct. 25 College of Business and Economics, Liberal Arts and Sciences, Womens Studies, Medical Technology, Foreign Language, Undergraduate Academic Services Center, Leadership Studies, Physics, Carruth Center for Counseling and Psychological Services, Religious Studies and Philosophy.
  • Friday, Oct. 26 Regents Bachelor of Arts, Department of Community Health, School of Nursing, Multidisciplinary Studies, Physical Education, Sociology/Anthropology, Carruth Center for Counseling and Psychological Services, Math and the Undergraduate Academic Services Center.

To learn more about undergraduate advising contact the UASC at 304-293-5805 or visithttp://wvu.edu/~advising.