Forest management experts from West Virginia University will hold a Coverts/Master Forestland Owners workshop Oct. 11-14 at Camp Caesar along Route 20 near Cowen in Webster County.

The purpose of the workshop is to provide technical information to interested landowners so they can better serve their communities by spreading the word about forest and wildlife stewardship,said Dave McGill, a specialist in forest resource management with WVU Extension.

The training course is a three-day session featuring wildlife biologists, forest managers, and extension specialists. Anyone who owns woodland property and has no formal training in natural resources management can apply for the workshop.

All meals, lodging and educational materials are free during the workshop, and theres no fee for registration. Participants need only to arrange transportation to and from the workshop site.

Fore more information or to register, contact McGill, 304-293-2941, ext. 2474 or , or Bill Grafton, Extension wildlife specialist, 304-293-2941, ext. 2493 or .