Nineteen regional mine rescue teams will exhibit their disaster preparedness skills beginning at 8 a.m. Wednesday, Aug. 1 during a mock mine emergency at the Post 5 Mine Rescue Contest at Mylan Park in Morgantown.

The two-day competition is sponsored by the Mining Extension Department at West Virginia University, Post 5, the U.S. Department of Labors Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) District 3 and the West Virginia Office of MinersHealth, Safety and Training.

During the contest, participants will compete in three events, mine rescue, bench and pre-shift.

The teams will evaluate mock disaster situations, safely explore all areas near the fresh-air base, prepare a record of conditions, map areas and rescue surviving miners in a simulated underground mine emergency.

Bench contest teams are lead by a benchman who receives a self-contained breathing apparatus, worn by rescue team members, to allow them to breathe contaminated air. The benchman tests the apparatus to identify predetermined deficiencies, correct any problems and make it ready to take underground.

In the pre-shift contest, individuals compete to show the most proficiency in pre-shift examination of coal mines.

The nineteen rescue teams hail from West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio and Pennsylvania coal companies. Individual coal companies send one or more teams to compete. While this event evokes friendly competition, officials stress that in actual mine disasters, these teams work together.

Rescue teams will be assigned the same emergency problem to solve, and they are judged according to their procedures and speed. The simulated emergencies may involve missing miners, explosions, mine fires, a roof collapse or a mine being flooded. Contestants evaluate the situation and then map out a plan of action.

Officials monitoring the contest include MSHA s Jerry Johnson and Lincoln Selfe, Post 5s John Maholic and WVU Mining Extension director Jim Dean.

Participants are as follows:

Mine Rescue : Brooks Run Mining Company, LLC , Brooks Run Mine Rescue; Consol Energy, Blacksville #2; Consol Energy Inc., Enlow Fork; Consol Energy, Robinson Run #95; Consol Pa. Coal Co., Bailey; Consolidation Coal Company, Loveridge #22; Consolidation Coal Company, Shoemaker; Eastern Associated Coal LLC , Federal No. 2; Eighty Four Mining Company, Mine 84; Emerald Coal Resources, Emerald Mine; ICG /Wolf Run Mining, Wolf Run Mining B Team; Massey Energy, east Ky.; Massey Energy, southern West Virginia Team 1; Massey Energy, southern West Virginia Team 2; McElroy Coal CompanyConsol Energy, McElroy Mine; Peabody Energy, Southern Appalachia Operations; Riverton Coal Production Inc., Blue Team; Riverton Coal Production, Inc., Gold Team; and The Ohio Valley Coal Company, Powhatan #6 Mine.

Bench : Travis Grimmett and Mike Travis, Brooks Run Mining Company, LLC ; Jeff Bienkoski, Randy Bombach, Sherman Goodwin, David Rush, and Doug Wade, Consol Energy Inc.; Bob Calhoun and Gene Menozzi, Consol Pa. Coal Company; Rick Shockley and Nick Tipi, Consolidation Coal Company; Burt Matheny and Harry McGinnis, Eastern Associated Coal L.L.C.; Tom Bochna, Jason Detrick and Emmett Cox, Emerald Coal Resources L.P.; Ken Clarke and Bob Volpe, Eighty Four Mining Company; Mike Alexander, John Click, Jeremy McClung, Steve Miller, Nathan Mounts and Chris Prater, Massey Energy; Robert Rohde, McElroy Coal Company; and David Blankenship and Barrett Justice, Peabody Energy.

Pre-Shift : Jim Ponceroff, Bill Reid, Robert Revi and Larry Tenney, Consol Energy Inc.; Larry Cuddy, Consol Pa. Coal Company; Wayne Conaway, Rick Shockley and Jim Tooley, Consolidation Coal Company; Mark Gouzd and Wayne Stafford, Eastern Associated Coal L.L.C.; Adrian Gordon, Dale Tiberie and Don Trek, Eighty Four Mining Company; Tom Bochna, Emerald Coal Resources L.P.; Steve Hively and Shon Sublett, ICG /Wolf Run Mining; Paul Adkins, Charles Conn, Nathan Mounts and Mike Vaught, Massey Energy; Kelvin Jolly, McElroy Mine Company; Travis Leff, Peabody Energy; Mitchell Bryant, Jarrod Cisco, Mark Jarasanak and Todd Marcum, Riverton; and Rick Kim, southern West Virginia Team.

For more information, contact Richard Herndon, MSHA , at 304-225-6856.