West Virginia University School of Journalism Professor George Espers appearance on aBreaking News: How the Associated Press Has Covered War, Peace and Everything Elsebook panel last month will be aired twice Sunday, July 22, on C-SPAN.

The panel discussion held June 25 at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., will air at 9 a.m. on C-SPAN and 4:30 p.m. on C-SPAN2.

In the book, former and present AP reporters, including Esper, recall their coverage of major world events with first-hand, eyewitness accounts on presidents, elections, wars, civil rights, trials and crimes, disasters, business and major sport events.

Maryanne Reed, dean of the WVU Perley Isaac Reed School of Journalism, said,George Esper is one of the countrys finest journalists, a professional of great skill, compassion and integrity who covered history as it was happening. His extraordinary work in Vietnamcovering that conflict for 10 yearsis captured in the AP panel and the book, and is a must-see and must-read for students of journalism and journalism history.

Esper, a former AP bureau chief in Saigon for 10 years during the Vietnam War, writes in the book that as the last Americans fled Vietnam, he stayed behind and served Coca Cola and stale pound cake to two North Vietnamese soldiers before calmly writing the bulletin announcing the fall of Saigon.

Other reporters featured on the panel include Darrell Christian, former AP sports editor and now an editor at large; Kathryn Johnson, former AP reporter known for her coverage of the civil rights movement; and Walter Mears, a Pulitzer Prize-winning former AP political correspondent.

Esper, a veteran foreign correspondent with 44 years of experience with AP, teaches journalism history, feature writing and history of war correspondence at the School of Journalism.

In addition to the Vietnam War, Esper covered the first Gulf War in 1991, as well as U.S. peace missions in Somalia and Bosnia. He is one of a handful of AP reporters to earn the title of AP Special Correspondent.

Before retiring and joining the School of Journalism in 2000, Esper reported on many major stories across the country, including Hurricane Andrew, the great Midwest floods and the Oklahoma City bombing.