West Virginia University students will be able to access their fall semester billing statements through the Universitys STAR Information System beginning July 24. Students will be notified of the account postings via e-mail through the Universitys student Web portal called MIX .

All account information will be available online for students to review starting next weeksaid Michael Beto, assistant director for Student Accounts.We encourage students to check their MIX e-mail account for notices, or log on to the STAR system to obtain billing information for the fall semester.

The STAR system provides students online access to their account information including current charges, credits and payments from financial aid sources. The system has eliminated the need for bills to be mailed to a students homealthough that is an option for students to request from within STAR .

Students can request a paper bill be sent to their permanent address from within the STAR system each semester,said Beto.They can also add another e-mail address to their account and have account notices sent to someone else like their parents for example. Ultimately it is the students responsibility to review and act upon their account, but if their parents are involved in paying on the account, its a good idea to keep them informed.

Friday, Aug. 17, is the due date for payment of at least 60 percent of the account balance. The remainder must be paid in full by Oct. 1. Students who fail to meet payment deadlines may be assessed late payment fees.

Tutorials for using the system and requesting paper bills are available on line at:http://www.wvu.edu/~finance/studentaccounts/index.htm.

To contact the Office of Student Accounts, call 304-293-4006 Monday-Friday from 8:15 a.m.-4:45 p.m.