West Virginia University Department of Public Safety is urging the public to exercise caution near construction projects around the Downtown and Evansdale campuses.

Motorists are encouraged to stay within the speed limit (which is lowered to 15 mph in construction zones) and to only park in designated spaces in order to help construction proceed smoothly, avoid traffic delays and not to burden already limited parking.

The safety of our campus community comes first, DPS Maj. Robin Levelle said.We encourage all motorists to drive safely and cautiously during ongoing construction this summer.

WVU police have been conducting traffic enforcement in the Evansdale Drive area, issuing speeding tickets and other citations to violators. Police have also been monitoring construction areas closely.

Construction companies have been notified they must have a flag person direct traffic when trucks come to their areas to unload supplies. Traffic that is re-routed through parking lots (Areas 60 and 40) will be closely monitored by University police when deliveries are being unloaded.

University police encourage the public to report any unsafe traffic or parking condition or hazard.