Two West Virginia University varsity sports teams have received Public Recognition Awards from the NCAA for outstanding academic achievement.

The WVU womens cross country and rifle squads each posted a perfect 1000 APR (academic performance rating) in the latest data released by the NCAA . The APR is based upon eligibility and retention of student-athletes over a three-year period. The NCAA uses the APR as a real-time assessment of academic success; in the past, graduation rates were the primary gauge of academic success.

An APR score of 925 or higher is what teams look to meet to avoid contemporaneous penalties (involving the possible loss of grants-in-aid). Any student-athlete receiving athletic aid in a varsity sport can earn up to four points for being academically eligible and remaining enrolled in the institution. A teams APR is the total points of the roster divided by that squads possible total, multiplied by 1000. A complete listing of APRs by school and team will be made available by the NCAA in early May.