WVU s change to one semester in the summer has an impact on students employed by WVU .

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) rule for granting a student exemption from FICA /Medicare tax is based on the number of credits being taken within a semester. To be exempt from FICA /Medicare tax, a student must be enrolled at leastone-half time.For the new Summer Session,”one-half timefor undergraduate students is 6 credit hours and for graduate students it is 5 credit hours.

Before each pay day, WVU s Payroll&Tax Services department runs a report from the student system to determine the number of credit hours for which student employees have registered. If greater than outlined above, based on whether they are an undergraduate or graduate student, taxes are not withheld.

The point to make clear is if a student intends to register for 6 credits this Summer Session, the sooner a student employee registers, the sooner the above process will grant them the student FICA /Medicare tax exemption.

For further information, contact tax@mail.wvu.edu .