West Virginia University students will now be able to access their billing and payment information on line as a result of a recent upgrade to the STAR Information System. Using the system students will be able to view all charges, payments and credits as they are applied to their accounts.

Students will receive the first electronic billing notification April 24 as alerts regarding summer term charges are distributed via the Universitys e-mail systemcalled MIX . Students are encouraged to check their MIX e-mail account for the notices frequently and to log into the STAR system to review their account information.

Letters regarding the change to an on line billing system were mailed to all students and their parents at their permanent address in early April.

As a result of the new electronic system, students will no longer receive hard-copy, paper bills, unless they specifically request them from within the STAR system. Entry into the STAR system is secure and only the student or individuals they have authorized are able to gain entry into the account.

We need the students, and their parents, to be aware of the change in procedure,said Michael Beto, assistant director in Student Accounts.The new system provides all the relevant account information, but students need to be proactive about obtaining it. They will not just receive a bill in the mail as they may be accustomed to.

Beto added,If someone other than the student is paying for school, it will be the students responsibility to give that person STAR access or to request a hard copy bill for them.

Officials at WVU developed the new electronic billing system as a result of requests from students and staff. The on line system caters to the majority of students who are regular users of the Internet.

The electronic billing system provides numerous advantages over the old system including up-to-date account information, around the clock access and the ability to pay student accounts from any Internet connection.

Tutorials for using the system and requesting paper bills are available on line athttp://www.wvu.edu/~finance/studentaccounts/index.htm.

To contact the Office of Student Accounts call 304-293-4006 weekdays from 8:15 a.m.-4:45 p.m.