* WVU President David C. Hardesty, Jr.:

Susan and I want to extend our personal congratulations to Mike Garrison and his wife Heather on Mikes selection as the 22nd president of West Virginia University. Susan and I came here 12 years ago, humbled by the challenges and scope of the appointment and dedicated to the service of our alma mater and its many constituents. I know that Mike and his family bring the same awe and dedication to this office, and I offer my full cooperation and support, both during the transition and in the years to come.

*WV Sen. Robert C. Byrd:

I believe the selection committee has chosen a man uniquely qualified to lead West Virginia University into a new era of growth and success. Mike Garrisons personal experience as a native West Virginian, accomplished public servant, and alumnus of the school, give him an understanding not only of where WVU has been, but where it needs to go. I know the campus and the University community will rally around Mike Garrisons vision for the future of the school. He has the talent and experience necessary for developing new partnerships, growing the schools research capacities and advancing economic development in the state. The departure of David Hardesty leaves mighty big shoes to fill, and I am pleased to welcome the selection of Mike Garrison as West Virginia Universitys next president.

WV Sen. Jay Rockefeller:

Im sure Mike Garrison knows better than anyone that filling the shoes of a university president like David Hardesty will be an enormous challenge. But David passes on a strong, stable and thriving institution, and the best way forward is to join together and focus on WVU s important future. Mike Garrison is a Mountaineer through and through, and as we begin a new era under his presidency, I know WVU can and will see continued growth and success.

Gov. Joe Manchin:

I look forward to working with Mike Garrison in his new role as president of West Virginia University. Following the successful blueprint established by the selection of retiring President David Hardesty, I believe that the presidential search process undertaken by the selection committee, the WVU Board of Governors and the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission has resulted in the appointment of a top-notch individual to fill this extremely important post.

I have no doubt that with his background, knowledge and strong work ethic, Mike Garrison will be able to continue the outstanding work of President Hardesty and his administration, while also bringing with him to the position a passion and a love for West Virginia and West Virginia University that will serve both the University and this state very well now and in the future.

Member, Past Chairman, WVU Board of Governors Douglas Leech:

I have personally been involved in a number of search processes and commend this Presidential Search Committee for its service and for the manner in which it was conducted. They were extremely generous with their time and provided valuable counsel. I would also like to thank Chairman Steve Goodwin for his leadership during the process. In the end, the committee presented the Board of Governors with three excellent finalistsany one of whom could have served this University well and who all indicated to the Board their confidence in the process. I congratulate Mike Garrison and look forward to this next chapter in the Universitys history.

Stephen L. Douglas, president and chief executive officer, WVU Alumni Association

Mike Garrison is a loyal, committed alumnus and native West Virginian who has a great understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing WVU . We are very pleased that he has been selected to lead us into the future as WVU s 22nd president, and I know he will serve our University well. We look forward to welcoming the Garrison family to WVU .

Brian Noland, Chancellor of the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission:

Today is a milestone moment for both West Virginia University and higher education as a whole. We look forward to working with President-elect Garrison as we strive to expand college access opportunities for West Virginians.

Parviz Famouri, WVU Faculty Senate Chair:

We had two excellent candidates with different strengths and weaknesses. There are unique challenges ahead of us at WVU . The board picked a candidate with the right strength and skills to move us forward to the next level. I encourage the WVU community to be behind our new president.

David W. Hamstead, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Interim President and CEO of the WVU Foundation:

In our efforts to support the mission of WVU , we look forward to working with Mr. Garrison in his role as president of the University. He has demonstrated his support for and interest in WVU through his work with the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission and the Universitys Alumni Association National Board of Directors as well as teaching in the Department of Political Science.

J* *ason Gross, 2006-07 WVU Student Government Association President:

I am very happy with the Boards election of Mr. Garrison. From a student standpoint, he is going to be a great president; he is very student centered.

David Kirkpatrick, 2007-08 WVU Student Government Association President:

We endorsed Mr. Garrison because of the quality of his leadership and management skills. His energy and enthusiasm are going to play a big role in the direction of the University. Its positive and exciting, and its going to be an honor to work with him.

Valerie S. Lopez, Secretary, Spilman Thomas&Battle PLLC :

This is probably one of the finest days in WVU historyMichael Garrison is a true West Virginian and a true leader. We feel very fortunate to have him as our next president of WVU .

Sharon Ryan, Chair of the WVU Department of Philosophy:

Im really excited about it. I think hes going to be a great leader. Hes got a positive attitude, he knows how to work with the people of West Virginia, and his hearts in the right place. He really showed that hes capable of listening to alternate points of view. Im impressed.

Terry Nebel, WVU Staff Council Chair:

I think both candidates were very well qualified. I do believe that with the selection of Mike Garrison, the University can look forward to some continued prosperity based on his statement that his first priority would be to take care of the faculty and staff and move the institution forward.

Robert DiClerico, Eberly Distinguished Professor in WVU s Department of Political Science:

Im delighted on the selection of Mike Garrison. His highest priority is to make faculty and staff salaries more competitive, and his skill set, in my judgment, is particularly well-suited to achieving that goal.

Dr. John E. Prescott, Dean of the WVU School of Medicine

I am very pleased the University has chosen Mike Garrison to serve as our next president. Ive worked with him in the past, and I know he is very capable and has a tremendous understanding of the health needs of West Virginia and the Universitys goal in health care. Im looking forward to working with him to move the Health Sciences Center forward.

Tom Jones, Chairman, WVU Hospitals/WV United Health System:

“I am absolutely delighted with the appointment of Mr. Garrison as president of WVU , and as chairman of both the West Virginia United Health System and West Virginia University Hospitals. I believe he brings an extremely strong background and knowledge in health care, and we look forward to working with him.”

Marshall President Dr. Stephen J. Kopp:

I believe Mike Garrison will continue the good work of David Hardesty at West Virginia University. We wish him great success as he enters this new position and look forward to working with him on the many collaborative programs that our institutions share.

Huntington Businessman A. Michael Perry, Former Interim President, Marshall University:

“The selection of Michael Garrison as the new president of West Virginia University is good news for the students, staff and for the University and the State of West Virginia and its people. Michael is a person of vision, character, intellect, exceptional ability and most importantly has a deep and abiding passion for the University and the state of West Virginia. He understands the mission of the University in transforming the lives of its students to be all they can be, as well as the vital role it plays as a land-grant University of the state in leading our people into a brighter future for all of us.”