West Virginia Universitys Department of Geology and Geography in the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences has received a software grant renewal worth $8 million from Landmark Graphics Corp. of Houston, Texas.

Landmark is a leading supplier of software for the oil and gas industry and a brand of Halliburtons Digital and Consulting Solutions Division.

The companys software solutions contribute significantly to the potential for sophisticated energy research and education in the Department of Geology and Geography.

The grant provides the department with state-of-the-art software tools.

The software will help attract top-notch applicants for future faculty positions and high quality graduate students in the energy field, said Tom Wilson, professor of geology and principal investigator on the grant.

It is essential that we understand the nature of subsurface environments to ensure that we can reliably and safely sequester carbon dioxide for long time periods,Wilson said.As we explore and develop the potential of these software resources, they will help us prepare our students to take on non-traditional but critical roles in our countrys and the worlds energy future.

Providing students and researchers with access to industry-leading technology is a part of Halliburtons overall commitment to the growth and development of students who will be entering the exploration and production industry,said Doug Meikle, vice president of Landmark.Graduates of the program will be able to join the workforce with a valuable set of skills and experience.

Wilson has incorporated several of Landmarks software tools into a computer-aided subsurface interpretation class that he developed for the graduate curriculum.

The software has helped students to learn concepts and skills that are essential to the visualization of subsurface problems associated with a variety of applications in fossil fuels and mineral exploration.

The development of new technology such as this software has allowed Wilson to shift the content of his geophysics classes in recent years to include a greater focus on computer-based interpretation and modeling.

The software grants weve received over the past 20 years have dramatically increased our capability to keep up with the rapid industry-driven advances in computer assisted interpretation, processing and modeling,said Wilson.This new award represents continued recognition of our achievements and potential.

Landmark is the leading supplier of software, optimized computing solutions and services for the upstream oil and gas industry. The companys software solutions span exploration, production, drilling, business-decision analysis and data management. Landmark offers a broad range of consulting, services and infrastructure technologies that enable customers to optimize their technical, business and decision processes.

Founded in 1919, Halliburton is one of the world’s largest providers of products and services to the energy industry. With more than 45,000 employees in nearly 70 countries, the company serves the upstream oil and gas industry throughout the life cycle of the reservoir. This includes locating hydrocarbons and managing geological data, drilling and formation evaluation, well construction and completion and optimizing production through the life of the field.

The gift-in-kind was made through the WVU Foundation, a private non-profit corporation that generates and provides support for West Virginia University and its non-profit affiliates.

For more information, contact Wilson at 304-293-5603, ext. 4316, or at Tom.Wilson@mail.wvu.edu .