West Virginia Universitys Facilities Management unit is expanding the campus wide recycling program.

The program, previously executed by Allied Waste, will now accept additional recyclables at more campus locations.

Previously, recyclables included paper, cardboard, scrap metal, printer toner cartridges, electronics and fluorescent light tubes. With the recent change, the program will now accept aluminum cans and No. 1 plasticthe most widely recycled plastic, commonly used in soda, water and juice bottles.

Barbara Angeletti, recycling coordinator in Facilities Management, said the decision to expand the program came about as a result of the University having the capability to manage collections.

There has been a great deal of demand for recycling at the University,Angeletti said.Since late January weve recycled well over 1,500 pounds of plastic and 600 pounds of aluminummaterials that would have otherwise ended up in landfills in the region.The program is also averaging six tons of paper per week, she added.

Recycling services are currently offered in 22 of the Universitys buildings and residence halls, she said, and plans call for all University buildings to be equipped to participate by the end of summer.

Angeletti has been meeting with building supervisors to tailor the recycling program to individual facilities. Those efforts include determining the best locations for recycling bins; distribution of paper collection trays to departments; and developing pick-up schedules.

Facilities Management has hired two new employees that are dedicated to managing the collection services. The team makes daily rounds to each of the collection sites and will also be available to help with special pick-ups.

For more information about the program, contact Angeletti at 304-293-2330 or visithttp://www.wvu.edu/%7Efacserv/plant/recycling_services.html