On Feb. 3, a physical education professor and his small family moved from Taipei, Taiwan to Morgantown to become involved with West Virginia University.

Chung-Ju Huang is the most recent addition to the visiting scholar program of the International Center for Performance Excellence (ICPE) in WVU s School of Physical Education. He came to conduct research and training.

WVU was the most sincere and hospitable school I applied to,Huang said.Also, it has one of the premier sport and exercise international graduate programs. The Sports and Exercise Psychology Program at WVU is unique.

Huang is a professor in the Department of Sports Science and a womens basketball coach at Taipei Physical Education College in Taiwan. He has taught both graduate and undergraduate courses in sports psychology and statistical software applications.

Huang is currently the only visiting scholar at WVU s School of Physical Education. Previously, scholars have come from countries such as Malaysia and Germany. The School of Physical Education has had short-term visits by distinguished scholars from Taiwan before, but Huang is the first professor to do an extended two-year postdoctoral visit. His visit enhances WVU s visibility internationally.

Huang is currently exploring survey development, the application of structural equation modeling (a statistical method of building and testing models), sports confidence, mental stamina and anxiety. He hopes to publish his work with the assistance of the ICPE .

Huang became interested in ICPE through his interactions with WVU faculty member Sam Zizzi when Zizzi spent time in Taiwan last fall. Zizzi is an assistant professor in WVU s School of Physical Education and the program coordinator for the Sports and Exercise Psychology Program. Huang was also aware of the ICPE because of their connections with Asian scholars overseas.

In addition to his research, Huang will take classes in applied sports psychology during his two-year stay in Morgantown.

His other aspirations include becoming involved in every facet of WVU s Sports and Exercise Psychology Program, working as an intern with athletes. He hopes to eventually teach classes, after overcoming the differences in languages.

Huang hopes his time at WVU will be the beginning of a working relationship between WVU and Taipei Physical Education College. After returning to Taiwan, he plans to use his experiences from WVU by applying them to his teaching and interaction with his colleagues.

The ICPE was established in July 2004 as a gift from Andrew Ostrow, founder and director of the ICPE , and his colleague William Alsop, former program coordinator for WVU s Sport Management Program.

The ICPE mission is to promote the values of participating in athletic and health-related physical activities to enhance quality of life. It aims to combine the experience and knowledge of scholars in sports, exercise and performance psychology with the enthusiasm and practical expertise of students.

Researchers publish their findings for performance psychology through the ICPE s publishing branch, Fitness Information Technology.

For more information, contact the School of Physical Education, 304-293-3295 or visit the ICPE website athttp://www.fitinfotech.com/ICPE/icpe.html