West Virginia Universitys summer course offerings will now be offered over one term, May 21-Aug. 10.

In the past, WVU had two, six-week summer terms, said Sue Day-Perroots, dean of Extended Learning.

A single 12-week term is being implemented to allow faculty and students more flexibility, she said. For example, courses are being offered for any combination of weeksfrom one to 12.

A student might, for instance, take a 6-week advertising course for three credit hours; another might take a 12-week professional field experience course in agriculture for 6-credit hours, and someone could take a 1-week athletic coaching education course for 3-credit hours. Many courses and options are available.

Day-Perroots said many students take courses over the summer to boost their grade-point averages, maintain scholarships and get ahead in order to graduate early.

Additionally, many students like taking classes over the summer in order to maintain living arrangements and hold summer jobs.

Students taking any length summer class also benefit by being able to use University facilities such as the Student Recreation Center and WVU Librariesfor the entire summer.

The summer schedule of courses and online course search is currently available at the WVU Admissions and Records Web site athttp://www.arc.wvu.edu/.

Registration begins according to the following schedule:

  • Tuesday, March 13Graduate, professional, athletic, honors and disability
  • Tuesday, March 20Seniors
  • Tuesday, April 3Juniors
  • Tuesday, April 10Sophomores
  • Tuesday, April 17Freshmen

Students may register online up until the first day of class. Students returning home for the summer in the Montgomery, Charleston and Keyser areas may continue their studies by taking summer courses at WVU Tech and Potomac State College.

WVU Extended Learning will host information booths for the upcoming summer session according to the following schedule:

  • March 19-20 and April 16-17�€10 a.m.-2 p.m., Mountainlair, Commons Area
  • March 21 and April 19�€10 a.m.-2 p.m., Towers, Outside of Café Evansdale

In addition, the following information may be used by faculty, staff and students for planning purposes


Grades will be rolled to academic history and available for viewing at the end of weeks four, seven, tenand a week after the end of the term. Instructors may post grades two days prior to the end of the course part of the term. Student grade mailers that are requested will be printed at the end of the summer term. Access to facilities

The Rec Center will be open to on-campus registered students for the entire summer session. Access will remain open to registered students in short courses even if their class does not extend the entire term. WVU Libraries will also be available to registered students for the entire summer.

Special fees for services

Non-registered or off-campus students have the option of paying special fees if they would like access to the Health Sciences Center, the library, the PRT and the Rec Center during summer for $241. They also have the option of joining only the Rec Center for $90. These fees are included when students enroll in on-campus courses.

Late registration

A late registration fee of $40 will be charged to students who are not registered by the first day of their classes.

Electronic billing

Beginning this summer 2007, WVU is moving to paperless billing. Students must access their account on STAR to view their term charges. Students can make payments online or in person at Student Accounts. E-mails will be sent to the students via MIX to remind them of balances due, but they will not receive any notification in the mail. Accounts must be paid by the first day of the term.

For more information, students should contact their advisors or visithttp://www.wvu.edu/~summer/.