A West Virginia University engineering professor is scheduled to appear on the CBS Early Show between 7-9 a.m., Tuesday, March 13, to discuss the results of tests he designed and conducted to determine the accuracy of various automobilesodometers.

James Smith, professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering in WVU s College of Engineering and Mineral Resources, traveled to New York March 5 to conduct the tests and tape the interview. The test and interview were part of an investigative story by CBS .

We conducted the testing on a highway outside New York City using a GPS unit to measure the distances traveled by four different vehicles,said Smith.We conducted the test twice on each vehicle, took the average results and compared the mileage recorded by the GPS unit to the mileage recorded by the vehicles.

Smith is a member of both the board of directors and the Technical Standards Board of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). The SAE recommended him to CBS to assist with the story.

The SAE establishes national standards for all things automotive, but is probably most familiar to average consumers for its standards for measuring automobile power and for the classification of motor oil.

Smith earned his bachelors, masters and doctorate degrees in engineering from WVU , and he has been a member of the Universitys faculty since 1984.

The WVU professor has conducted more than $15 million in externally funded research, and his research has resulted in numerous patents in the United States and overseas on mechanical and energy-related devices.

Smith is also the director of the WVU Center for Industrial Research Applications, which is focused on developing high-tech engineering solutions for industrial problems to bolster the economy of West Virginia and the region.

As a WVU professor, an engineer and a member of the SAE Technical Standards Board, I consider it part my responsibility to provide technical assistance and expertise when it is needed,said Smith.I was happy to assist with this investigation by CBS .