West Virginia University police are reminding students to use precaution after one robbery and two attempted robberies were reported over the weekend in Morgantown.

City police are investigating the incidents that occurred during the early morning hours of Friday (Oct. 20) and Sunday (Oct. 22). In all of the incidents, victims were robbed and/or assaulted on the street or in parking lots.

We are urging students to be alert and aware of whats going on around them,said Lt. Randy Friend, crime prevention officer with the WVU Department of Public Safety.

He issued the following safety tips:

* Always stay tuned to your surroundings. Be aware of what is happening around you. If a person or situation makes you feel uncomfortable with, then avoid that person or that situation and leave the area immediately.

* Travel in groups, especially in the evening and at night. Avoid isolated areas, short cuts and deserted parking lots. Follow well-lit and well-traveled areas. Walk briskly and confidently. * Avoid going to ATM machines after dark.

* Dont flash large sums of cash, jewelry or other expensive items. They attract unwanted attention and may give a potential robber his target. * If you have to travel through isolated areas, such as when you leave work or class late, have someone walk with you to your car. This applies to men and to women alike. Anyone can be the victim of a robbery.

* If you see something suspicious, walk away. Go to an area where there are other people, bright lights or a telephone. Dont be afraid to call the police if you suspect you are being followed. It could be the prelude to a robbery. Remember there are 37 Blue Tower Emergency phones on WVU campus that can be activated if you ever feel threatened by a situation, or if you witness something suspicious.

* If you are the victim of a robbery follow the instructions of the robber. * Do not argue or attempt to fight with your assailant. Give them what they want so they can quickly leave the area.

* Try to remember what the robber looks like, what he or she was wearing and call the police as quickly as safely possible.

These tips cannot anticipate every possible situation, but they can give people a basis for a plan to avoid personal robbery, Friend said.

For further information, contact the WVU Police Department at 293-2677 or 293 (COPS).

Anyone with information about the robbery or attempted robberies is urged to contact the Morgantown Police at 304-284-7522.