How do you look at life? Really?

How do you look at, say, double pulsars in outer spaceor presidential politics here on Earth? How do you look at the Bibleand bedtime?

How do you look at historyand myth-making? In the hours before West Virginia Universitys Homecoming matchup with Syracuse at noon Saturday (Oct. 14), youll have a chance to see things in bold, new wayscourtesy of the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences.

The college at 9 a.m. will present,New Ways of Looking,as part of its annual Homecoming Lectures and Brunch Program. Eberly Dean Mary Ellen Mazey will host the lectures.Heres the lineup:

Another Look at George Washington: Flawed Icon.The presentation by WVU graduate John Ferling looks at Washingtonsindispensable manimage as an exaggeration, while considering how different our countrys history would be if he hadnt achieved victories on the battlefield. Ferling is a professor emeritus of history at the University of West Georgia and recipient of the 2006 Eberly College Alumni Recognition Award.Looking at the Sky with Radio Eyes.Dr. Maura McLaughlin, a noted radio astronomer and WVU assistant professor of physics, will talk about how radio astronomy has advanced to bring the cosmos home. One way to do that is by employing the Green Bank radio telescope, the worlds largest fully steerable radio telescope in the world, just 200 miles south of WVU s main campus.

Looking Left, Looking Right: How Do We Assess the Disputed 2000 Presidential Election?Renowned presidential scholar and WVU political science professor Robert DiClerico will revisit the 2000 Bush-Gore contest that many consider an embarrassment to the American system of government. DiClerico will delve into why that that summation might be trueor not.Looking at the �€~NewBible? Can Hidden Texts Reveal Ancient Secrets?Dr. Aaron Gale of the Program for Religious Studies will offer glimpses ofhiddenBiblical information concerning the lives and times of Jesus, Mary Magdalene and Judas. Hell also talk thesecretspresent in the Infancy Gospel of Thomas, the Gospel of Mary, the Gospel of Judas and the Apocalypse of Peter.

A Look at Good Sleep-Bad Sleep.What really happens to us (emotionally and physically) when we simply dont get enough sleep? Dr. Hawley Montgomery-Downs, who researches sleep habits and patterns for the Department of Psychology, will offer an eye-opening look at the perils of sleep deprivation. Registration is required for the lectures and must be made by Thursday, Oct. 12. Just contact Brenda Riggle at or 304-293-7405, ext. 5200.

When registering, please list three lectures you wish to attend, in order of preference.