Three school shootings across the country in less than a week have put parents on edge and officials on alert as America again grapples with classroom tragedies.

West Virginia University has two experts available who can discuss the situation, from public safety aspects to the psychology of those who wield guns in anger.

They are:

  • Daniel Della-Giustina, an internationally known safety expert who first drafted a safety plan for public schools some 11 years before the deadly shootings at Columbine in 1999. He has also researched and surveyed schools across north-central West Virginia, to draft and assess safety plans in those facilities. Della-Giustina is a safety and environmental professor in WVU s College of Engineering and Mineral Resources. He can be reached at or 304-293-2742, ext. 3749.
  • James Nolan, who worked his way up from a Philadelphia-area beat cop to an investigator with the FBI , where he focused mainly on hate crimes and the psychology of such perpetrators. Nolan is an assistant professor in the Division of Sociology and Anthropology. He can be reached at or 304-293-5801, ext. 3210.