West Virginia Universitys Block and Bridle Club will host its 57th annual Little Eastern Livestock Show Saturday, Oct. 28, at the WVU Animal Sciences Farm on Stewartstown Road in Morgantown. The event begins at 9 a.m.

The show is a longstanding tradition for the club and its biggest event of the year,said Tanya Nickerson, a senior majoring in animal and veterinary science from Arcade, N.Y., and Block and Bridles vice president and organizer of the event.

The event is intended to help students gain knowledge in preparing livestock for formal showing.

Prior to the show, each participant receives an animal to work with in preparation for the competition.

The animals include beef and dairy cattle, sheep and swine.

Students already experienced in showing animals serve as role models for those who are new.

Students are judged by experts from across the state.

Lunch will be served starting at noon. Cost is $8. For tickets, contact Nickerson at 304-282-2632 or e-mail WVU Block and Bridle Club at wvublock_bridle@yahoo.com .

The Block and Bridle Club is the largest organization within the Davis College of Agriculture Forestry and Consumer Sciences, having more than 50 members and two faculty advisers. The club is composed mainly of agriculture majors, but is not limited to that major. It currently has members from nursing and education as well.

WVU s Block and Bridle Club arranges many field trips throughout the year. In the past, members have traveled to Kentucky to tour farms and Ohio for a farm science review. Within the university, members also hold socials with other clubs. The club also holds a quadrathalonan animal science quiz bowl.

It is a great club to help students get a hands-on knowledge of working with different animals,Nickerson said.We learn, but we also have a good time while were learning.