The West Virginia University College of Human Resources and Education has expanded its graduate offerings online for those seeking graduate degrees in elementary and secondary education, according to Elizabeth Dooley, chair of the Department of Educational Theory and Practice.

The masters degree in elementary education provides licensed teachers increased knowledge and skill for educators working in the elementary (early/middle) school setting. Students will take a series of core education courses along with classes in the content and method area and electives. For details visit the departments

There are two options available online for secondary school educators:

The secondary education-science emphasis provides opportunity for study and research leading to the master of arts degree. In addition to a series of education courses, students will choose from a variety of science electives that meet their needs and interests. Educators will spend one week on campus in the summer. For details, visit the departments website:

The secondary education-social studies emphasis allows educators who teach social studies or those who work in education-related situations with adolescents and adults to advance their skills while earning a master of arts degree. Students will take graduate education courses and a series of science and social studies electives in consultation with the advisor. For details, visit the departments website:

West Virginia University also offers additional degrees online for the education community: Special Education (M.A.), Physical Education Teacher Education (M.S.), Athletic Coaching (M.S.), School Health Education (M.S.) and Rehabilitation Counseling (M.S.).

Many of the courses in Educational Leadership studies are also now offered via the web. Reading (M.A.) and Communication Studies-Instructional Track have some courses available online with additional classes taught in classrooms around the state.

These new accessible degree programs allow licensed educators and other professionals to take advantage of first-rate educational opportunities directly from their homes,said Dr. Dooley.