West Virginia University has a trio of experts available to offer comment and insight on the issue of the ongoing missile tests by North Korea.

They are:

  • Dr. Bob Duval, associate professor, political science (304-293-3811, ext. 5299, or evenings before 9 p.m. at 304-599-8913, bob.duval@mail.wvu.edu ). His areas of expertise include international relations and national security policy.
  • Dr. William Riley, director, WVU s Center for Chinese Business (304-293-7885, william.riley@mail.wvu.edu ). He can talk about the politics and particulars of negotiating in that part of the world, while also offering insights from the Chinese perspective.
  • Dr. Scott Crichlow, assistant professor, political science (304-685-5943, scott.crichlow@mail.wvu.edu ). He can give an overview of international politics, political psychology and foreign policy.