An Eberly College of Arts and Sciences professor has received a special appointment to honor her work in the humanities at West Virginia University.

Dr. Janice Spleth has been named to the Armand E. and Mary W. Singer Professorship in the Humanities for her work in the advancing world literature and film.

The appointment is named for Dr. Armand W. Singer, a professor emeritus of foreign languages and his late wife, Mary, who was also a Ph.D. and language educator at WVU . The couple established the professorship in 1999 with their daughter and son-in-law, Fredericka Ann and Thomas Hill.

Spleth, who joined WVU in 1974 after earning a doctorate in French from Rice University, has worked closely with Armand Singer over the years. Singer has organized and overseen the hosting of film and language colloquiums and also served as editor of the Universitys Philological Papers.

I have learned so much from Armand Singer,Spleth said,and I have developed a great appreciation for his dedication, his immense creative energy, high personal standards and unflagging intellectual curiosity. Its been a privilege for me to have known and worked with both Dr. Singers.

One of Spleths first official duties will be as organizer of the national African Literature Associations annual meeting for 2007, which will be hosted by WVU . Shell be joined by co-convener Dr. Sandra Dixon, a WVU assistant professor of Spanish and specialist in Afro-Hispanic literature.

This is a campus-wide celebration of African literature,Spleth said.Were looking forward to being able to bring well-known writers, filmmakers and scholars in African literature to WVU .

In addition to the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences and Department of Foreign Languages, the gathering is also receiving support from the Africana Studies Program, Center for Black Culture, departments of English and History, Office for International Programs and Center for Womens Studies.

Armand Singer has been associated with WVU for 66 years. Hes a world traveler and adventurer who also chaired the Program for Humanities while serving as editor-in-chief of WVU s Philological Papers. Hes also an academic specialist on the legend of Don Juan.

Mary Singer taught English, French and Latin for 27 years at WVU .

My daughter and I are very pleased with the choice for the professorship,Armand Singer said of Spleths appointment.Dr. Janice Spleth has had a really sterling career and we couldnt be happier.

Dr. Jeffrey Bruner, the current chair of the Department of Foreign Languages, shared Singers sentiment.

Dr. Janice Spleth is an internationally recognized scholar in the area of Francophone literature,Bruner said.And shes been very successful in introducing her research to courses to broaden her studentsknowledge and appreciation of Francophile literature and writers.