As the U.S. Senate this week considers passing a constitutional amendment to ban desecration of the U.S. flag, West Virginia Universitys College of Law has a quartet of experts who can offer comment and insights on the issue.

They are:

  • Robert Bastress (304-293-5308, ), the John W. Fisher II Professor of Law and constitutional expert who has been honored by West Virginias American Civil Liberties Union for his advocacy of free speech and human rights issues.
  • Gerald Ashdown (304-293-5307, ), the James H.Buckand June M. Harless Professor and authority on constitutional law who is also known nationally for his research on the Patriot Act.
  • John Taylor (304-293-8180, ), an associate professor who holds a law degree and divinity degree and can comment on the freedom of speech issues related to the proposed amendment.
  • Andrew Wright (304-284-4130, ), a former counsel in the Clinton White House and 2005 WVU College of Law Adjunct Professor of the Year who can give an overview of the proposed amendment in the context of the constitution and the inner-workings of Washington.

Should the would-be 28th Amendment clear Congress, three-fourths of the states (38, in all) must ratify it for it to become law.