West Virginia History: A Journal of Regional Studies,published by the West Virginia Department of Archives and History for over 60 years, has moved its headquarters to the West Virginia University Press.

WVU history professors Ronald L. Lewis and Ken Fones-Wolf will serve as the publications editor and associate editor, respectively.

Lewis and Fones-Wolf have set out to assemble an editorial advisory board comprised of scholars around the state and region who will help enlarge the scope of the journal to examine the history, politics, language, literature and cultural identity of the people in the state and region.

Our hope is to link the economy, society and culture of the Mountain State to broader national and international processes of change,Dr Lewis said.

In Colonial times, as the western section of Virginia, West Virginia constituted the borderlands of an empire. In Civil War days, when the existence of the new nation hung in the balance, it experienced sectional and fratricidal conflict. The turn of the 20th century brought industrial transitions, and in more recent times, economic and cultural changes, which transformed life in the state and region, he said.

Thus,Lewis said,West Virginia Historycan bring together research and analysis that will link the states people to major themes in regional, American, and even in global historical processes.

At the geographical center of Appalachia, West Virginia offers an important window into many aspects of the region.

The editors intend to moveWest Virginia Historybeyond old stereotypes, to expand and even transcend the normal political boundaries, and to explore West Virginia issues in comparative and regional contexts.

West Virginia Historywill be published twice a year, with the first issue slated for spring 2007.

To subscribe toWest Virginia History,call 1-866-WVUPRESS (988-7737).

For questions about submissions or editorial matters, contact Lewis at 304-93-2421, or rlewis@wvu.edu ; or Fones-Wolf, 304-293-2421, or Kenneth.Fones-Wolf@mail.wvu.edu .